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Orchest Technologies, formerly GoldConnect, is a leading US based carrier with presence in Latin America and pioneer of the fully automated end to end customer experience in the region. With more than 10 years delivering innovative Network Solutions, Cloud Connect and Data Center Services throughout the Americas.Over the last 4 years it has rewritten the rules of data transport and connectivity services in LATAM by providing a holistic approach to network intelligence and transparency, groundbreaking process automation, and a world-class customer engagement.

The first one of its kind, Orchest Latam, formely LatamConnect platform allows our customers and partners to enjoy smoother, faster, and reliable access to real time network information. We provide services to the world’s largest telecommunications operators, regional and global enterprises. We guarantee local access to every major city throughout LATAM in a matter of minutes, ensuring dependable network availability based on an intelligent solution to monitor and manage a redundant network.

Orchest Latam has changed the way our customers purchase and manage connectivity, and it has changed the way Orchest Technologies operates. By automating much of the administrative work of connectivity purchasing in the region, offering network transparency and giving data to sales team members, our team members have become expert advisors who can help clients with complex projects, country-specific regulatory issues, logistics and more.

By adopting digital tools, Technologies, interconnectivity, and blockchain technology, Orchest Technologies is helping claim telecom’s valuable place in the world. By increasing the quality of customer service, we’re elevating Latin American telecom from its current status as a commodity to that of a valuable service.


An award-winning formula


Best North America Operator in 2019

Best LATAM Project of the Year in 2018 and 2021

Only Carrier in LATAM to be recognized by both Capacity Media & Carrier Community as The Best LATAM Carrier/Operator of the Year (2022)

Wholesale Innovation Disruptor of the Year in 2019, 2021 & 2022

About Orchest Latam

Orchest Latam brings Technologies to wholesale connectivity and empowers our clients to orchestrate their network needs.

Last-mile network access is the most critical and complicated aspect of interconnecting a client. Orchest Latam is an online orchestrator that automates the process of pricing, purchasing, installation, monitoring and servicing of the connection. It gives our customers and employees real-time, transparent, easy-to-understand access to last-mile technical feasibility analysis and firm price quotes, installation tracking, end-to-end service performance monitoring and 24/7 tech support.

Last-mile connectivity feasibility analysis and pricing are addressed using an algorithm developed with 20 years of quoting data, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics. Orchest Latam has network data from almost 160 carriers and can provide connectivity to more than 55 million buildings. It empowers our customers to efficiently support complex SD-WAN, multi-cloud network requirements and IoT projects.

Orchest Technologies’s Orchest Latam platform dramatically speeds up the time to market for companies opening sites in Latin America. Customers no longer wait weeks to get a tentative pricing quote for connectivity. Orchest Latam provides a contract-ready quote within minutes.

Orchest Latam's service-monitoring technology fully interconnects to thousands of sensors and the core hardware in our network, allowing us to be the only platform providing our clients with complete end-to-end performance tracking. It is also the only platform in the wholesale connectivity industry that automates the entire customer experience in a single interface. It includes a comprehensive approach to network intelligence and transparency, groundbreaking process Technologies, and world-class customer engagement.

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